'When I want to read a good book, I write one.'
Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881, novelist and Prime Minister of Britain)


'The Morning After Service'

Genre: humourous women’s fiction

Length: 106,000 words

Novel status:  completed and on submission

“The Morning After Service” reached round two of the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and the shortlist of 2012 Pitchapalooza.


'The Morning After Service'

Ever wished for a hangover cure, the perfectly cooked breakfast, and childcare for the morning after the night before?

You need the Morning After Service. Newly single city-girl Kay has teamed up with her best friend and mother of twin toddlers, Anna, to unleash their potential as Irish Moms with Attitude.

But nothing prepares the friends for exploding eggs, laundry turning pink, babies vomiting in weird places, accidentally attacking an ex-boyfriend, hormonally-challenged food critics, and cross-dressing joggers. They even become entangled in a golf-club vendetta with a scheming business rival.

Only their sense of humour and friendship will get them through, especially when love adds to the hangover. Her return to work and her interfering mother-in-law drags sensible Anna to the edge of divorce, while impulsive Kay falls for a flirty client who just can’t say the words “I love you”.

Curing hangovers is so much easier than mixing business, love, and friendship.



One quiet Irish village and seven people divided by decades form a new knitting group.

7 year old Cian is struggling in school and at home.

Beth, 17 and a budding artist, is lying to her parents.

27 year old single mother Kitty has been conned and dumped.

Claudine, age 37, can’t remember the last time she saw her husband.

Jeff, 47, is grieving for his grandmother who left him a house full of wool.

57 year old Rose, misses her son every day.

Cassie, who died aged 87, was a rebel all her life. Now her ghost can’t “find the exit” until the last of her yarn stash is used.

When wool hooks the seven together in bonds of friendship and love, their village will never be the same again.


crochet heart and hook.jpg

Genre: women’s fiction/village saga

Length: 95,000 words

Novel Status: first draft complete, revision in progress.




“Red Sails”

 red sails sketch cropped.jpg

Genre: adventure story for age 8-12

Length: 50,000 words

Novel Status: First draft complete. Revision and submission scheduled for 2013.

“Red Sails”


Matt can’t decide if he wants to be a treasure-hunter like Indy, or a pirate like Blackbeard.


When his father gives him Red Sails for his 10th birthday, however, he sets sail for adventure from Clifden, along the Connemara coast of Ireland with his horse-mad sister Maeve as first mate.



“Hamster Stew and other Family Meals”

What would you do if you bumped into a stylish, successful old school friend and realised that your Life Plan had been de-railed while you were busy changing nappies?

Lorna, frazzled stay-at-home mother of three, realises she has to change everything, even if things keep going wrong for the strangest of reasons.

In a family where the word normal doesn’t apply and cash is an endangering species, she braves a crazy collection of family-friendly jobs, yearns for the magic ability to say “no”, and hunts for a few grains of self-confidence.

Meanwhile her husband Callum has a secret he can’t share, and her daughter Hannah has problems a mere mother couldn’t possibly understand.

“Hamster Stew and Other Family Meals”


Genre: humourous women’s fiction

Length: 73,000 words

Novel Status: 70% of first draft.


“The Coastal Novels Series”


"The Light-Keeper's Diary"

“The Coastal Novels Series”

Grace is currently researching and planning a series of novels using Ireland’s coastline and coastal communities as a theme – "The Light-Keeper's Diary", "Harbour Mistress", "Custom's Crew", "Lifeboat Men", "The Lock Keeper", etc.

Having lived her entire life within reach of the sea-mists, Grace wants to bring the coast of Ireland back to the hearts of its readers.

"The Light-Keeper's Diary"

Sometimes a diary is a place to record dental appointments. But Cecil Standish's light-keeper's diary chronicles more than the passing ships in 1917 at Castle Cove Lighthouse. When Dervla O'Malley, a historian researching a book about the lighthouse service, uncovers the diary she finds past romance merging with her own life and yearns to find a happy ending for the lonely light-keeper.

Genre: women's fiction and historic fiction

Novel Status: first draft - awaiting revision.

Grace is the founding Municipal Liaison (organiser) for the Ireland North East region for National Novel Writing Month (since 2009).

She has participated in every NaNoWriMo since 2007 (winning the 50,000-words-in-one-month challenge in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).


"I'm moving more and more into "go away, I'm in the middle of my novel" mode. This is the kind of dangerous mindset in which you put babies in baths then wander off for an hour, or you get messages from friends letting you know that they're prisoners of kidnappers in foreign nations and you are their only hope to alert the proper authorities, and you really do mean to mention it to someone, but somehow or other it wanders right out of your head."

Neil Gaiman

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